Galaxy S21
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   Galaxy Z Fold3
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   Galaxy Z Flip3
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   Galaxy S20 Ultra
   Galaxy S20 Plus
   Galaxy S20 FE
   Galaxy S10
   Galaxy S10e
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   Galaxy S7 Edge
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   Galaxy S5/Wide-band LTE-A
   Galaxy S4/LTE-A
   Galaxy S4 Active
   Galaxy S4 Zoom
   Galaxy S4 Mini
   Galaxy S3
   Galaxy S2 HD LTE
   Galaxy S2 LTE
   Galaxy S2
   LG Velvet
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   LG G7 / G7 Plus
   LG G6
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   LG G4 Beat
   LG G4 Stylus2
   LG G4 Stylus/G Stylo
   LG G3/Cat.6
   LG G3 Screen
   LG G3 A
   LG G3 Beat
   LG G2
   LG V50S
   LG V50
   LG V40
   LG V35/V30S Plus/V30S/V30 Plus/V30
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   LG K10
   LG Q31
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   LG Q61
   LG Q70
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   Vega No.6
   Vega R3
   Vega S5
   Vega Racer 2
   Vega LTE
   Vega LTE M
   Vega LTE EX
   Vega Racer
   Vega No.5
   Vega S
   Vega X
   Vega X Plus
   Mirak A
   HTC EVO 4G+
   HTC Desire HD
   HTC Sensation
   HTC Raider 4G
   HTC Incredible S
   HTC Nexus One
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KT Tech
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   SKY Im back
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   Idol Chac
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   Sony Experia Z2
   Sony Experia Z1
   Sony Experia Z
   Blackberry Bold 9900
   Casio GzOne
   Nokia Lumia 710
   Motorola Atrix
   Motorola Razr
   Sony Experia Ray
   Reaction Phone (SK-S100)
   iRiver (I-L1)
   One Phone (SK-S150)
   Sony Experia Arc
   iPad Pro 10.5
   iPad Pro 11
   iPad Pro 11 4Gen
   iPad Pro 12.9
   iPad Air 10.2
   iPad Air 9.7
   iPad Air Pro 9.7
   iPad Air 2
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   Galaxy Book 10.6
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   GALAXY Tab S4 10.5
   GALAXY Tab S3 9.7
   Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
   Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition
   Galaxy Note 10.1
   Galaxy Note 8.0
   GALAXY Tab ProS 12.0
   GALAXY Tab Pro 10.1
   GALAXY Tab E 8.0
   GALAXY Tab A 10.1
   GALAXY Tab A 10.1 2019
   Galaxy Tab A7
   GALAXY Tab A 10.5
   GALAXY Tab A 10.1 2016
   GALAXY Tab A 10.1 2016 with S-Pen
   GALAXY Tab A 7.0
   GALAXY Tab A 8.0
   GALAXY Tab A 8.0 2019
   Galaxy Tab A 9.7 with S-Pen
   Galaxy Tab A 9.7
   Galaxy Tab S7
   Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
   Galaxy Tab S6 10.5
   Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5
   Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
   Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
   Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
   Galaxy Tab S 10.5
   Galaxy Tab S 8.4
   Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
   Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
   Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
   Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
   Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
   Galaxy Tab 10.1
   Galaxy Tab 8.9
   Galaxy Tab 7.7
   Galaxy Tab 7
   Galaxy Tab Active 2
   Galaxy Tab Active
   Galaxy Player
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   LG GPad5 10.1
   LG GPad34 8.0
   LG GPad3 10.1
   LG GPad3 10.1 FHD
   LG GPad3 8.0 FHD
   LG G Pad 2 10.1 FHD
   LG G Pad 2 8.3 FHD
   LG G Pad 10.1
   LG G Pad 2 8.0
   LG G Pad 8.3
   LG G Pad 8.0
   LG G Pad 7.0
   Huawei BeY Pad2
   Huawei BeY Pad
   Google New Nexus 7, Nexus 7
   Kindle Fire HD
   HTC Flyer
   Motorola Xoom
   Optimus Pad LTE